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Is it possible to configure AutoMapper to return a new instance of the destination type if the source object is null?

Source source = null;
Dest d1 = AutoMapper.Mapper.Map<Source, Dest>(source);
// d1 == null

// I'm looking for a way to configure AutoMapper to
// eliminate this code:
Dest d2 = AutoMapper.Mapper.Map<Source, Dest>(source) ?? new Dest();
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wrap it in a method or something –  Omu Aug 5 '10 at 20:04

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Answering my own question (partially):

AutoMapper has a configuration property named AllowNullDestinationValues which is set to true by default. By setting this to false, I get the behavior shown in the question, e.g:

Mapper.Configuration.AllowNullDestinationValues = false;


Source source = null;
Dest d = AutoMapper.Mapper.Map<Source, Dest>(source);
// d is now a new instance of Dest

This solution works OK for simple types, where source and destination types map well. I still have some issues with complex mappings (I will update the question to show an example).

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