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I have a string which is a paragraph written on the aspx side. It goes like this:

The new student, {student_name} has the following grades -
Maths - {math_grade}
Science - {Science_grade}
and so on.

I need to get values from database, and replace {student_name} with Joe Smith, {Math_grade} wth A or B+ etc.

How can I do this?

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Dim myString As String = "{student_name}"

myString = myString.Replace("{student_name}","Joe Smith")

...Remember to always assign the string you are attempting to replace values in to the original string.


...will not replace your original strings values -- it must be explicitly assigned. e.g.

myString = myString.Replace("value","newvalue")
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You certainly can use String.Replace, but typically ASP.NET apps are written using labels as placeholders and then modifying the values in the code-behind.

So your MyFile.aspx would contain The new student, [lblStudentName] has the following grades - Maths - [lblMathGrade] Science - [lblScienceGrade] ... and so on

Then in your MyFile.aspx.cs (or MyFile.aspx.vb)

this.lblStudentName.Text = "John Doe";
this.lblMathGrade.Text = "A-";
this.lblScienceGrade.Text = "F";

There are also many other better techniques you could use, such as a repeater control, then binding the sql results to this control.

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