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I have a textbox over accordion header , now if i type space into the textbox my accordion get collapsed if it is open. so prevent that i have written following code

  $(".edit").click(function(event) {

// if default text is present then select the whole content
  if ($(this).attr('default') == $(this).val()) 


Now the problem is when i dobule click then whole content written inside textbox is not selected (Which is a default functionality of a textbox)

so to over come i have written following code

$(".edit").dblclick(function(event) {

but now again if i double click then whole text is getting selected but if i single click then the text inside textbox remain selected only it doesn't behave normally.

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Well, this question might be a tad old, but you could be using the HTML5 placeholder= attribute to mimic this behavior natively in the browser.

Alternative solutions:

HTML5 placeholder= attribute already has a decent support on all major browsers. You can use the alternative script to enhance it using something like Modernizr

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