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I was assigned to maintain a .NET application that use .NET emulator to connect to legacy mainframe system. The application uses library called PowerTCP emulator. But I see people use Putty to connect. I hear lots of terms that I cannot make sense off, because I have no knowledge at all about mainframe / emulator / telnet world. Like I hear the terms (VT100, VT320...) and I have no idea what they are

Is there something on internet that describe the ABCs for connection with emulator in .NET?


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VT100, VT320 and what not are terminal types. There's not much to it. They support different feature sets. http://vt100.net/vt_history

I saw there was sample projects on the following site:


That might help. What kind of work are you doing to "maintain" these apps? Bugfixes or enhancements?

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Thanks for reply I am doing both bug fixes, and enhancements. –  gkar Aug 4 '10 at 17:31
@user109534, sounds fun actually. Sounds much more exciting than the boring boring stuff (reporting) I have been up to lately. –  buckbova Aug 4 '10 at 17:34
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