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That's my code.

Now I need to SEND a cookie to the host but I can't find a solution.

def get_network_file(url=nil)
    http = Net::HTTP.new( @service_server, 80 )
    resp, data = http.get( url, { "Accept-Language" => @locale } )
    if resp.code.to_i != 200
      RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER.error "*** return code != 200. code = #{resp.code}"
      return ""
    rescue Exception => exc
      RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER.error "*** message --> #{exc.message}"
      return ""
    return data

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possible duplicate of How to implement cookie support in ruby net/http? –  KARASZI István Mar 11 '13 at 20:12
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You pass cookies via the same hash you're sending the "Accept-Language" header, something like:

resp, data = http.get( url, { "Accept-Language" => @locale, "Cookie" => "YOUR_COOKIE" } )

Odds are you'll need to capture the cookie first, though. See this for examples of cookie handling.

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Thanks. I'll try. –  Juanin Aug 7 '10 at 18:31
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You need to first retrieve the cookie(s) from your server from the server's response's "set-cookie" header field(s). After you've retrieved the cookie(s) then you pass it/them in your client's request's "cookie" header.

This question is asked already at How to implement cookie support in ruby net/http?

The accepted answer there is fine unless your server returns a set of cookies in which case you may want to look at http://stackoverflow.com/a/9320190/1024480

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+1... second link much more helpful. –  Arup Rakshit Mar 20 at 21:37
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