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I would like to use the dbm module on my Windows machine, but it is currently only supported on Unix.

Does anyone know of a similar module with similar syntax or a workaround to get dmb functional on windows? Being able to access a database written to the hard drive much like how I code to access a dictionary would be great. Thank you for your help!

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Are you using cpython on Windows? –  Laurion Burchall Aug 4 '10 at 20:41

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Actually, after more googling around, I found this:

I've tried this on windows and it seems to be working fine =)

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Based on the following test on a Windows 7 system using Python 2.7.2 it appears that dbhash is supported on Windows instalations.

import os

import anydbm

import whichdb

file = os.curdir + '/testdbm'   # define a test file name in the current directory

d =, 'c')      # create a new database using the test file name

db_type = whichdb.whichdb(file) # get the dbm database type

print(db_type)                  # display the result

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I think anydbm on Windows will only load dumbdbm, since all the other modules appear to be Unix only. According to the Python documentation...

"The dumbdbm module is intended as a last resort fallback for the anydbm module when no more robust module is available. The dumbdbm module is not written for speed and is not nearly as heavily used as the other database modules."

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