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I have a Rails 3rc app on Ruby 1.9.2 that works fine, but Bundler keeps making a folder named "bandsintown" (bandsintown is a gem I use) in my project directory. From what I can tell, the folder has all my gems in it. I'm pretty sure that this never happened before. Is it normal behavior?

I think this might be interfering with running tests. I get a "Command failed with status (1)" error and then it mentions the "bandsintown" folder a few times.

I find it odd that Bundler names the folder "bandsintown" even when I comment out that gem in the gemfile. There's a "ruby" folder in that one, and a "1.9.1" folder inside the "ruby" folder. I don't understand why it says 1.9.1 when I'm using 1.9.2. The 1.9.1 folder has a bin, bundler, cache, doc, gems and specification folder inside of it.

I made a testapp with all the same gems and did a bundle install. It doesn't make a new folder with all my gems in it.

Anyway, my app works fine, but I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me out here. If I left out any need-to-know information, let me know. Thanks.

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You are probably running the following command: bundle install bandsintown. That command tells bundler to install gems into the bandsintown subdirectory of your application. In order to install gems, all you need to do is modify your Gemfile and run bundle install.

Bundler will remember the location that you last specified in the .bundle/config file. So, in order to "reset" bundler's memory. In your application's directory, run rm -r .bundle/config.

Then, after updating your Gemfile, simply run bundle install

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You can also run bundle install --system to reset the location to the default – Yehuda Katz Aug 5 '10 at 6:04
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! – SupremeA Jun 18 '15 at 16:08

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