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I have to implement a web service in my work, the problem is that I don't have any idea what a web services is. Can you give me some references to get started and to understand what people are asking me for? Maybe some good book also ...


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Get Started with basics about a web service here

Assuming you want to use WCF to build web services read about it more here or if you want to use legacy web services with .net read here

Here is a simple wcf service application with code which you can build on further and understand.

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Start at wikipedia

Also some great info on MSDN

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There simply isn't a short answer to this question, but there are limitless guides you can easily find on any search engine to help you get started. But since you asked, here are two links, one to help you understand the inner-workings of a web service, and the second, a guide to creating your first service in ASP.NET

Anatomy of a Web Service: XML, SOAP and WSDL for Platform-independent Data Exchange

Create Your First ASP.NET Web Service

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