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I want to find a way to allow our reporting guy to export data returned from a stored procedure into a CSV file. The procedure will need a (date) parameter passing to it.

Is there a data export wizard I can get him to use, or some other user friendly way in SQL2005 that he can generate the CSV (after providing some parameters).

It isn't absolutley necessary that the data must come from a stored procedure, it could be a view or something, but he must be able to easily provide some preset constraints when generating the CSV file.

Thanks for any assistance you guys can offer.

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Depending on what tools you are looking at, just give him SQL Server Management Studio. He can then execute the stored procedure and save the results in a CSV format. That is your most elegant way to be able to do it in a dynamic fashion.

Otherwise, you might look at creating an SSIS package if the values don't change often.

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Take a look at SQL Server Reporting services. You can export the results of a report to Excel.

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I would setup a small web app with a couple filter options and a button to export to excel.

That would remove the any reliance on your reporting persons abilities to work within SQL server.

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