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Working with sensitive files that require the cache to be cleared each time... how do I tell Firefox and Chrome to clear my cache each time I refresh the page and/or not cache to begin with?

Many thanks!

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In firefox type about:config in your address bar and set 'network.http.use-cache' to false.

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For Firefox, there is an Add-on called 'Web Developer'. Among many useful features, it has a 'Disable Cache' option that's easy to toggle on and off.

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you could also set HTTP headers (or used the in-page <meta http-equiv= equivalents, for HTML) to disallow caching of those files.

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Also, reloading the page with Cmd-Shft-R (sorry, that's for Mac, I guess it's Ctrl-Shft-R for Windows) seems to avoid using the cache.

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Using this for now. IS there anyway to turn off cache permanent like? ;) –  bobber205 Aug 4 '10 at 23:29
You mean from the server? If your data is sensitive the server should tell the client not to cache the data. You control this by sending Cache-Control and Expires headers from your server. Maybe also consider using HTTPS. –  rlovtang Aug 5 '10 at 8:30
Unfortunately this is not an option for me. –  bobber205 Aug 5 '10 at 16:19

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