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So I have a bit of a problem. On this page http://www.tylermorriswoodworking.com/pages/recipe-box-engraving-wizard?b=maple&l=cherry&s=3x5&c=42042892 I have a few @FontFace tags to load the custom fonts. On all the browsers it works just fine, except for Firefox for windows. Firefox for mac loads the fonts perfectly. What I am doing wrong? It would be great if someone could also confirm this problem on other Windows machines because I only have one windows so it might be computer specific.

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This question was also asked here:

To ensure that your font will always display, you need to serve quite a few variations. The font generator on Font Squirrel is a good place to start- it includes the EOT, TTF or OTF and a WOFF & SVG version as well:

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Oh thanks. I knew the answer had something to do with that. Also thanks for the link to the other post! –  Tyler Johnson Aug 5 '10 at 14:54

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