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I write cross-platform software, so I like my Windows environment to be Un*x-like (I'm an old Unix/IRIX/Linux geek). I just care about shells and tools, not so much about compilers or the build environment (I have a real industrial-strength build system that doesn't depend on mingw or cygwin). I just want a shell window on my Windows box that works like a POSIX system.

I'd like to move away from cygwin and its CRLF weirdness and dll-dependencies and update troubles, and maybe replace it with mingw/msys. I've started to do this, but am stumped on one thing. I really really need mingw paths to map to the same Windows paths. So / must be c:/ and /windows -> c:/windows and so on. Mingw's default mount setup ends up like a chroot, with mingw "/" mapping to c:/mingw or something like that. You have to use drive prefixes like /c/windows to get to /Windows. I'm happy to tweak my $PATH and whatever else I need to do to make this work. Does anyone have any hints?

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Also, if you don't want the MinGW compilers and build tools, I'd have thought that cygwin might be the better bet, and I'm very far from being a cygwin fan. – anon Aug 4 '10 at 21:07
Neil, maybe you're right and I should just stick with cygwin then, esp. if it has the same mount and EOL issues of cygwin. I was hoping to get something lighter weight. I don't care at all about mingw really. I just want a posixy shell and tools that let me navigate my windows box like a linux box. I just want bash, ls, find, cat, patch, and all those things to "just work." I don't want to be in a chroot jail just to have a posixy environment; I want "/" to be the root of my system drive. From what you say, seems like msys isn't ready to be the main command-line toolset for a Win box. – GaryO Aug 4 '10 at 21:34
@ganyo Well, it is my main command-line tool (the thought of using cmd or similar makes me shudder) but I don't have your problems with the mount points - they seem quite sensible to me. And I'm a heavy user of MinGW. – anon Aug 4 '10 at 22:16
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You can install Cygwin into C:/, in which case / does become C:/. Dunno whether that can be done with MSYS.

Btw, MSYS is a fork of Cygwin 1.3.3 from 9 years ago, which hasn't seen an awful lot of development compared to Cygwin proper. It has the same approach to line ending issues, allowing both binmode and textmode mounts.

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