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I have a website that uses ajax jquery and colorbox.

Inside the div "#content" there are some links to other pages that open fine using colorbox.

If I reload the content of that div using ajax jquery , then the links wont popup using colorbox effect anymore.

I tried to create a function that I would call whenever I call the function that changes the contents of div #content , but no luck . I know that I must reinit/reload the colorbox to DOM everytime I load something new to the page that contains rel="colorbox" ,but I cant figure it out how.I call this inside

function showcategory() {

function reinit() {
  $('a[rel*=colorbox]').colorbox() ;
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stackoverflow.com/questions/4801058/… -- here the find method does the job.. –  JosephC Aug 14 '13 at 10:39

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try to attach your handler using live instead of bind. This survives content-reloads in the divs

the api doc for live is here

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You will have to use the live() method or delegate method for dynamic generated content events.

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