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I am implementing a LineChart in FLEX 4. I have the chart working well except I do not like the default colors and cannot use them, as they do not relate to my data very well. For instance, Orange is not a great default color for my data column "Outdoor temperature". I would rather override it and use a green color if possible.

When I explicitly specify the SolidColorStroke, like so, this breaks the LineChart Legend:

<mx:SolidColorStroke id = "s1" color="haloGreen" weight="2"/>
<mx:LineSeries yField="v1" form="curve" displayName="Indoor Temp" lineStroke="{s1}"/>

^ With this code, The LineChart Legend stops displaying the color for that specific LineSeries, and only displays in black.

How can I override the LineSeries stroke color and persist those colors to the Legend's display?

Is this a FLEX 4 bug? I noticed in FLEX 3 examples (even on Adobe's FLEX 3 Help website) you can override the stroke colors and it persists to the Chart Legend.

Any help is appreciated!

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Apparently (from what I can gather), this is a known bug in FLEX 4, and apparently Adobe is working on fixing this in their next release. Lame, I know.

To fix this, you must use the deprecated "Stroke" object, which produces compiler warnings in FLEX 4.

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