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i'm looking for a lightweight script (pure javascript preferred) - it should be for smoothly fading a sequence of images into each other (=image-carousel). it should also be possible to run several instances (so it should be a prototype script), like for example: - site banner: fading 3 images after each other - main content: 3 galleries, each fading 3-5 images

any recommendations which script to use for that purpose?


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I've used the jQuery CrossSlide plugin and it works well.

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Hi I've written a simple script which makes use of the jQuery .fadeOut() and .fadeIn() methods along with a few lines of html and css. With the ids for the image elements numbered 1 to n the algorithm can easily iterate through the images and start again when it gets to the last image. It could be easily adapted to make the transitions occur automatically after a certain time delay instead of firing on a button click. Let me know if this helps. Here's the code:

<style type="text/css">
        #images{ overflow:auto; }
        .current{ display:inline; }
        .hidden{ display:none; }            

<script type="text/javascript" >

    function doFade(current){

        var speed = 500;
        next = $("#"+(parseInt(current.attr("id")) + 1));
        if(next.length <= 0) next = $("#1");
            function fadeNextIn(){
                current.attr("class", "hidden");
                    function afterFadeNextIn(){

        function () {
                    doFade($("#images .current"));


<div id="images">

    <img id="1" title="image 1" alt="image 1" src="1.jpg" class="current" />
    <img id="2" title="image 2" alt="image 2" src="2.jpg" class="hidden" />
    <img id="3" title="image 3" alt="image 3" src="3.jpg" class="hidden"/>
    <img id="4" title="image 4" alt="image 4" src="4.jpg" class="hidden"/>


<input id="btnNext" type="button" value="next" />
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