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I've bound data from a SQLite database table to a ListView using a SimpleCursorAdapter. This works well when I use _id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT as my table's primary key. However, I'm trying to use a composite primary key such as the following:

PRIMARY KEY (column1, column2));

From what I can gather, the SimpleCursorAdapter constructor requires the _id column to work. I cannot find a way to construct the SimpleCursorAdapter with the composite primary key.

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Just collate them in your raw query as _ID

select column1 || '_' || column2 as _ID, column1, column2,column3 from table
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Thanks for the help, but I ended up doing something different. I used INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, without the autoincrement, and had my algorithm construct an _id to pass to the row creation function. –  dfetter88 Aug 5 '10 at 17:59

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