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I've recently decided to start learning the C# language. I have been working through this tutorial (http://csharp.net-tutorials.com/) however it seems a bit outdated and does not have any practical tasks that I can attempt to gauge how much I have currently learned.

I was wondering if there were any tutorials that you could recommend that also had tasks or problems to solve along the way.

As an alternative, are there any books that you can recommend too?

I have small knowledge of Java and also C++.

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You could start off with something like C# in a nutshell from OReilly.

I found this a good book to get the basics on.

There is a version for C# 4.0 also out now (C# 4.0 is the latest version of C#).

For more advanced topics, i just love the CLR Via C# series by Jeffrey Richter.

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I have found Jon Skeet's C# articles extremely helpful. I would start with the following:

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I found Visual C# Step by Step - John Sharp to be good for learning the basics.

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In addition to the links that John posted, you can also check out the Ramp-Up Program on MSDN:


It's a community-driven online training for people new to .NET and generally moving from a different technology (like PHP or traditional ASP) to .NET. The ramp-up site has different tracks, and each track is made up of code-casts (short videos you can code along with) along with links to hands-on-labs.

You can also check out the Virtual Labs on MSDN:


There's a ton of different technologies and products that you can work with in a virtual environment for free.

Lastly, for a book, I think it's definitely not a beginner's book, but once you get the hang of the language, check out Jeffrey Richter's CLR via C# book. It's an awesome book and gives you a ton of under-the-hood information about how the language works and why things work the way they do. It will make you look at C# differently once you finish it.

Hope this helps!! Good luck!

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