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I have two Ubuntu servers. One is my development box, the other is a production system. They are not identical, though. Most notably, the MySQL server is on a remote server from the production one whereas on the dev system it's on localhost. Basically this means that I can mostly use a clone of the dev system, but if I just sync the filesystem the production system breaks.

Also, I am using Aptana (highly recommended, BTW). Up until recently, I had a local copy of my development system as a project, but I just had to reformat. I am not using a local project anymore, but instead I am using SFTP to connect with my Dev system and I am just editing files on there. Up until now, I have just been SCPing only files that need updating to the production server from my local project, but I kind of like not having one. I can restore it if necessary, though.

My question (short form): Is there an easy way using Aptana to copy files from one remote system to another?

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Currently you have to use local project (could be reconstructed from one remote) to synchronize two remote servers. To enable auto-upload on local changes, in Project Explorer or App Explorer in context menu select Deploy/Deployment Settings, then check "Automatically sync my changes with the remote site". This is all for Aptana Studio 3.

Cheers, Max

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