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I need to replace some characters as follows : & -> \&, # -> \#, ...

I coded as follows, but I guess there should be some better way. Any hints?

strs = strs.replace('&', '\&')
strs = strs.replace('#', '\#')
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>>> string="abc&def#ghi"
>>> for ch in ['&','#']:
...   if ch in string:
...      string=string.replace(ch,"\\"+ch)
>>> print string
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Are you always going to prepend a backslash? If so, try

import re
rx = re.compile('([&#])')
#                  ^^ fill in the characters here.
strs = rx.sub('\\\\\\1', strs)

It may not be the most efficient method but I think it is the easiest.

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aarrgghh try r'\\\1' –  John Machin Feb 16 '11 at 6:01

You may consider writing a generic escape function:

def mk_esc(esc_chars):
    return lambda s: ''.join(['\\' + c if c in esc_chars else c for c in s])

>>> esc = mk_esc('&#')
>>> print esc('Learn & be #1')
Learn \& be \#1

This way you can make your function configurable with a list of character that should be escaped.

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Simply chain the replace functions like this

strs = "abc&def#ghi"
print strs.replace('&', '\&').replace('#', '\#')
# abc\&def\#ghi

If the replacements are going to be more in number, you can do this in this generic way

strs, replacements = "abc&def#ghi", {"&": "\&", "#": "\#"}
print "".join([replacements.get(c, c) for c in strs])
# abc\&def\#ghi
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>>> a = '&#'
>>> print a.replace('&', r'\&')
>>> print a.replace('#', r'\#')

You want to use a 'raw' string (denoted by the 'r' prefixing the replacement string), since raw strings to not treat the backslash specially.

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