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In postgres you can do a comparison against multiple items like so:

 SELECT 'test' IN ('not','in','here');

Which is the same as doing:

  SELECT ('test' = 'not' OR 'test' = 'in' OR 'test' = 'here');

Is there a functional equivalent for SQL Server ?

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What version of MSSQL are you looking for here? –  Scott Ivey Dec 4 '08 at 16:37

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It is supported, but you will need to put the expression somewhere that accepts a boolean expression. For example, in a case statement:

select  case  when 'test' in ('not','in','here')  then 1  else 0  end


(1 row(s) affected)

Or a where clause:

select * from T where C in (1,3,5,7,9)
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this should give similar results in all recent versions of MSSQL. You could also write a scalar function to shorten things up a bit.

select case 
    	when 'test' IN ('not', 'in', 'here') then 1
    		else 0
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This will give 1 if 'test' is in the comparison set 1 or more times, or 0 if it isn't.

SELECT CAST(COUNT(*) AS BIT) as IsItHere WHERE 'test' IN('not','in','here')

Note that the cast isn't strictly necessary, but may be useful if this is called from another language... It should then resolve to a boolean.

EDIT: According to MSSQL Query planner, this is executed ~4 times faster then the CASE method. YMMV.

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