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I have created an Outlook addin using VS2010 and VSTO 4.0.

On Windows7+Outlook 2010, the installation and and application behaves as expected.

On Vista+Outlook 2007 (fresh installed virtual machine), the installer complains that it does not recognize the .vsto file format.

Has anyone experienced this? When I previously created VSTO3.0 addins and used them on Outlook 2007 I had no problems with installation.

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You need to install the VSTO 4.0 runtime (which comes pre-installed with 2010, but not with 2007). You can download it from Microsoft right here.

If you deploy using ClickOnce this runtime gets added to the prerequisites automatically.

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Thank you. I looked it up and VSTO 4.0 runtime was actually checked to be included (I am using ClickOnce), but for some reason it didn't work. I published again and then I got pass that and on to the next problem which was easier to solve (wrong version of .NET included). – Tendlon Aug 5 '10 at 7:41

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