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what's the best way to develop with ldap without having the connection to the productive ldap server. Can you recommend some software?


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I'd say a test instance of OpenLDAP :)

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+1 I totally agree :) –  Eran Harel Oct 1 '10 at 15:40

If you're more into the Microsoft space, you could also check out:

Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS)

which is a Windows service based subset of the full AD. You can spin up multiple instances of AD LDS and since it's a Windows service, you can also turn it off when no longer needed.

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It depends on what kind of LDAP server you have in production. Usually it's a question "AD or not AD?"

If your productions server is AD then it would be either virtual machine with a domain controller or a local instance of AD LDS (formerly ADAM).

If your production server is a generic LDAP server then there is a wide set of options. These days I would use a virtual machine with any Linux and OpenLDAP or/and Fedora Directory Server, or a local instance(s) of ApacheDS or OpenDS.

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