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I'm trying to use JAX-WS api to send some soap messages on a client application. However, I'm behind a firewall and the only option is to use a proxy server to go outside.

I'm trying to find on google any answer about this and so far all fail: To Use System.setProperty for http.proxyHost, http.proxyPort, http.proxyUser, http.proxyPassword. To use Authenticator like is described here.

I'm running out of options, if someone could help me on this would be great.

Also, I have a option to use org.apache.commons.httpclient but then I need to generate manually the XML. So could you suggest any other approach or API for WS?

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You should provide samples of what you tried with matching errors. – snowflake Feb 24 '11 at 10:24
don't you have http access behind the firewall? Can't you browse the Internet behind it? – Jun 2 '11 at 16:34

You can use ws import command when creating web client to configure proxy.


use above command to configure proxy.

How to do this depend on your IDE.

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For Jax-ws webservice client, use the following

//set proxy info to the ClientProxyFeature
ClientProxyFeature cpf = new ClientProxyFeature();

//get the port with the Feature
MyPort port = myService.getPort(cpf);
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