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I want to see why my Nuxeo installation is failing when I point its SQL user directory to other database (Oracle says: table/view doesn't exists). I want to enable show_sql Hibernate parameter to see the sql in the console.. but I don't know where I can do it (if I can).

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You can set in your persistance xml like this:

<property name="properties">


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Did you follow http://doc.nuxeo.com/display/KB/Configuring+Oracle ?

About your question, you should be able to use the hibernate.properties file.

If you use Nuxeo 5.3.2+, Oracle template and JBoss, here is the file: $NXSERVER/templates/oracle/nuxeo.ear/hibernate.properties. Using Tomcat, I think the path will be $NXSERVER/templates/oracle/nxserver/hibernate.properties.

Also, you may need to increase the hibernate logs editing log4j configuration.

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If you don't have access to the persistence xml from your installation, you could try using a tool like p6spy. It logs all the queries that are performed by your application. The other option is to enable query logging on your oracle installation.

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