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I need to call the omniORB's DLLs from a 64-Bit-process and as I get it I need to compile those DLLs as 64-Bit.

omniORB seems to support 64-Bit in general, but there are no configuration files included for the make-process (*.mk)... so I guess I have to create one of my own...

Has anyone already tried that yet? And: Is it that "easy" to run the ORB in 64-Bit-mode (assumed there is a way I create these DLLs) or are there any other traps I don't think of right now? :)

Thanks in advance!

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You'd probably get a faster answer on the omniORB users mailing list. –  Brian Neal Aug 17 '10 at 15:22
I think you just have to change the compiler path(if you are using a different one on that platform) and parameters (add -m64 for 64 bit) . What is the platform? Linux x86_64 ? Or Solaris SPARC 64 ? –  Bogdan M. Dec 8 '11 at 13:41

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Recently I compiled omniORB 4.1.2 for MSVC 2010 x64. I followed instructions from omniORB with small modifications:

  1. Download omniORB-4.1.2.tar.gz (only sources, without omnipython and precompiled libraries) to a directory and extract it.

  2. Install Python for x64 (ex. c:\python27). Add c:\python27 to PATH environment variable. Note that omnipython does not work, since it's compiled in 32bit mode.

  3. Install cygwin (ex. c:\cygwin). Add c:\cygwin\bin to PATH environment variable.

  4. In omniORB\mk\platforms create x86_win64_vs_10.mk (just copy content of x86_win32_vs_9.mk), then modify the content a bit:

    PYTHON = /cygdrive/c/Python27/python
    # Use the following set of flags to build and use multithreaded DLLs
    MSVC_DLL_CXXNODEBUGFLAGS       = -MD -EHs -GS -GR -Zi -nologo
    MSVC_DLL_CNODEBUGFLAGS         = -MD -GS -GR -Zi -nologo
    MSVC_DLL_CXXDEBUGFLAGS         = -MDd -EHs -RTC1 -GS -GR -Zi -nologo
    MSVC_DLL_CDEBUGFLAGS           = -MDd -RTC1 -GS -GR -Zd -Zi -nologo
    MSVC_DLL_CLINKDEBUGOPTIONS     = -nologo -manifest -DEBUG -MACHINE:X64
    # Or
    # Use the following set of flags to build and use multithread static libraries
    MSVC_STATICLIB_CNODEBUGFLAGS         = -MD -GS -GR -Zi -nologo
    MSVC_STATICLIB_CXXDEBUGFLAGS         = -MDd -EHs -RTC1 -GS -GR -Zi -nologo
    MSVC_STATICLIB_CDEBUGFLAGS           = -MDd -RTC1 -GS -GR -Zi -nologo
  5. In omniORB\config\config.mk add line platform = x86_win64_vs_10 and comment out all the other platforms

  6. Open "Visual Studio x64 Win64 Command Prompt", cd to omniORB\src, do make export

I hope this information will help

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