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Hi there I would kindly like to ask if NetBeans has any sort of GUI builder like the ones they offered for Java programming? Sorry for the noob Questions. If so, how do I install or use them? Thanks.

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For PHP or for HTML? PHP core does not have anything like Java's Swing. – Mchl Aug 5 '10 at 8:53
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No it does not have this functionality as PHP does not have any GUI components built in. PHP is usually combined with HTML and CSS to render a view. Netbeans does not have a builder for HTML and CSS either so the answer is no.

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Hi guys I am actually asking if the "NetBeans" program has a PHP GUI editor or builder. Sorry if i Misled you.. – JavaNoob Aug 6 '10 at 8:33

The only GUI Builder I know for PHP is Delphi for PHP, or it's new name RadPHP

for the new version there's a twenty video show some of it's features, you can look at them here

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There are some primitive examples of IDE's that includes GUI components. But Netbeans does not have a GUI editor or builder for PHP. Soon enough IDE developers will include some standart components since there seems to be a rising demand for visual web development. To counter balance Visual Studio, the "php"ians will retaliate somehow.

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Now Netbeans version 7.3 beta support inbuilt gui builder for html5....

May be this will help us.

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