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As we know, Liferay has the inbuilt functionality for creating users. But i want to have an workflow for creating users which involves approval process. I mean, user will be created by admin but it should be approved by another authorized person, then only the user account will be active.

Is there any way to customize the user creation process in Liferay?

Thanks in Advance.

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What have you tried so far? –  Tim McNamara Aug 5 '10 at 9:13

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As far as I know you have 3 methods to achieve it someway:

  1. Implement ModelListener interface over the User model entity of Liferay Portal.
  2. Extend ServiceWrapper to modify functionality
  3. Configure a Workflow in the control panel (Kaleo portlet on the EE version). Not 100% sure about this last one.

The first two methods would include developing what is called a Liferay Hook. This is described in the Liferay Wiki and Documentation

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Take a look at TLCG Information Server at http://www.thelondonconsulting.com/products/information-server . You can use BPM to create a process with human tasks and then upload user to LDAP. Liferay will import only created users in LDAP.

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You could use a Model Listener hook to intercept the user creation process and deactivate the newly created user. Check this link for more information on model listeners in Liferay.

Then you could use the Liferay permissioning system to assign Deactivate/Restore rights to a certain role.

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