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Okay, this one seems to me a bit weird. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I recently implemented code that I found here to get the MAC address. The funny thing is that is prints to the console (in addition to the MAC address) something like the following:

<CFData 0x317df0 [0xa03e9ee0]>{length = 6, capacity = 6, bytes = 0x001f5bd82fd6}

I've tried doing a search through the project/frameworks for 'length =', but nothing has come up.

How do I get the above to stop printing to the console?

I'm working in XCode building a mac app using Objective C and C.

Any ideas?

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The culprit is line 185 of GetPrimaryMACAddress.c:

                CFShow(MACAddressAsCFData); // for display purposes only; [...]

Remove this line and that extra output to stderr goes away.

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