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I want to create a List of KeyValuePairs in a managed C++ project. Here is the syntax I'm using

List<KeyValuePair<String^, String^>^>^ thing;

but I'm getting the following error:

error C3225: generic type argument for 'T' cannot be 'System::Collections::Generic::KeyValuePair ^', it must be a value type or a handle to a reference type

I basically want to do this (C#)

List<KeyValuePair<string, string>> thing;

but in managed C++. Oh and in .Net 2.0. Any takers?

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KeyValuePair does not itself need to be a handle. Duh.

Because it's a value type, not a reference type (i.e. struct instead of class in C#).

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Figured it out:

List<KeyValuePair<String^, String^>>^ thing;

KeyValuePair does not itself need to be a handle. Duh.

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