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As I say in the title of my question, I don't succeed in configuring Spring Security... I've followed two articles written by James Ward or Jettro Coenradie but I still don't have it !

First I tried to make all this working in a fake project, and it worked well, thant I tried in the "real" project. The configuration files are exactly the same regarding Spring Security, but the real project fails.

My config In web.xml :






    <servlet-name>Spring MVC Servlet Dispatcher</servlet-name>
    <display-name>Spring MVC Servlet Dispatcher</display-name>
            <param-value>/WEB-INF/config/webApplicationContext.xml</param-  value>

In applicationContext.xml :

<security:global-method-security secured-annotations="enabled" jsr250-annotations="enabled" />

<security:http entry-point-ref="preAuthenticatedEntryPoint">
    <security:anonymous enabled="false"/>

<bean id="preAuthenticatedEntryPoint" class=""/>

            <security:user name="arnaud" password="arnaud" authorities="ROLE_USER"/>

In webApplicationContext.xml ceci :

    <flex:secured />

And in each bean service :

    <security:protect method="*" access="ROLE_USER" />

First I tried to replace this last piece of code by annotations @Secured("ROLE_USER"), which didn't work, that's why I used the security:intercept-methods and security:protect tags.

In my first fake project, when I launch my flex application (a simple datagrid retrieving a list of products), the products are not loaded and I have a FaultEvent dispatched, so Spring Security works.

In the second project, the real one, I have an error on deploy telling me that "*" (or "findAll" when I tried) is not a valid method name.


<security:protect method="com.blablabla.UserService.findAll" access="ROLE_USER" />

I no longer have this error, and I can launch my flex application.

But when I launch it, all my users (yes, in this second application I retrieve users, not products) are loaded in the datagrid ! Which means the security doesn't work at all.

It's driving me crazy !

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What version of spring/spring-security are you using? – ALOToverflow Nov 9 '10 at 20:31

I would have expected to see some <security:intercept-url> elements in the <security:http> element.

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