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Is there any way to make persistence of business objects with data from a database in Delphi 7? Is it possible without using components.

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The DORM framework is just out. You can take a look at this one, also. But I guess it won't work with Delphi 7... the source code is not yet available, but the concept is interesting. delphifeeds.com/postings/… –  A.Bouchez Sep 1 '10 at 8:53

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You can use our Open Source ORM framework, using SQLite3 database. Full RESTful framework, works locally (i.e. in process), or remotely via HTTP/1.1, Named pipes or GDI messages. No external dll required. Works with Delphi 7 up to 2010.

All is done without any component, directly from source code. All database SQL is created from classes published properties.

For example, a People Table is defined in Delphi code as followed:

/// table used for the Babies queries
TSQLPeople = class(TSQLRecord)
    fName: RawUTF8;
    fAddress: RawUTF8;
    fBirthDate: TDateTime;
    property Name: RawUTF8 read fName write fName;
    property Address: RawUTF8 read fAddress write fAddress;
    property BirthDate: TDateTime read fBirthDate write fBirthDate;

And you can access your data with code like this:

var People: TSQLPeople;
  ID: integer;
  // create a new record, since Smith, Jr was just born
  People := TSQLPeople.Create;
    People.Name := 'Smith';
    People.Address := 'New York City';
    People.BirthDate := Now;
    ID := Client.Add(People);
  // retrieve record data
  People := TSQLPeople.Create(Client,ID);

See http://blog.synopse.info/category/Open-Source-Projects/SQLite3-Framework

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hcOPF works with Delphi 7. In fact it was developed with Delphi 7 and as a result does not use some of the newer language features. Check it out on sourceforge.

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