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Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - wondering how can I escape parenthesis in my query?

I'm trying to find the string position of "(" in one of my columns returned, but Management Studio keeps thinking I'm opening another command when I use that. I've tried \ but that isn't escaping it.

Thank you!

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this doesn't work for you?

select charindex('(', yourColumn)
from yourTable
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It appears it does - I had another issue and the Management Studio wasn't showing corresponding closing parenthesis correct. When I use that, my next parenthesis doesn't show as closing out that function, but highlights the actual parenthesis I'm trying to find index on. Thank you. –  user53885 Aug 5 '10 at 15:01
@evanmortland: can you check the syntax once –  Sachin Shanbhag Aug 5 '10 at 15:19

You don't need to escape it, see example below:

select charindex('(', x)
from (
    select 'asdasda(adsadas' as x
) a



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select charindex('(',<columnname>) from <tableName>
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