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I have a website which has a "360 virtual tours" section, it works with flash. I tried loading it on an iphone and it looks like crap, so I was wondering if there's something free that would allow me to generate the 360 virtual tours for iphone / ipads, the flash virtual tours are generated from WIDE images (something like 900x3NNN).

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I don't understand well your application scenario, but maybe VR5 could fit your needs.

Here is what the readme says:

1)  Prepare your pano as 2 sets of cubic faces - 1024px and 480px
2)  Copy whole "vr5_script" folder and rename it (i.e. "my_pano_01")
3)  Rename and replace images in "vr_files/cube_faces" folder
4)  Set parameters in "vr_files/config.js" 
5)  Upload to the separate folder on your site 
    (i.e. www.yoursite.com/panos/my_pano_01/)
6)  Link to the uploaded folder (i.e. www.yoursite.com/panos/my_pano_01/)
7)  Enjoy!
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http://krpano.com/ looks good!

Not free tho :(

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