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What is the default location for the MySQL configuration file on a redhat linux box?

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Just found it, it is /etc/my.cnf

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The information you want can be found by running

mysql --help


mysqld --help --verbose

I tried this :

    mysql --help | grep Default -A 1

And the output:

                      (Defaults to on; use --skip-auto-rehash to disable.)
  -A, --no-auto-rehash 
                      (Defaults to on; use --skip-line-numbers to disable.)
  -L, --skip-line-numbers 
                      (Defaults to on; use --skip-column-names to disable.)
  -N, --skip-column-names 
                      (Defaults to on; use --skip-reconnect to disable.)
  -s, --silent        Be more silent. Print results with a tab as separator,
  --default-auth=name Default authentication client-side plugin to use.
  --binary-mode       By default, ASCII '\0' is disallowed and '\r\n' is
Default options are read from the following files in the given order:
/etc/my.cnf /etc/mysql/my.cnf /usr/etc/my.cnf ~/.my.cnf 
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For me /usr/libexec/mysqld --help --verbose worked instead of mysqld --help --verbose –  Andron Apr 1 '13 at 15:36
@Andron yes if the path to executable daemon is not in the ENV PATH, you will have to specify the absolute path to the daemon executable. –  ThinkingMonkey Apr 1 '13 at 18:21

it is located at /etc/mysql/my.cnf

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On RH systems, MySQL configuration file is located under /etc/my.cnf by default. If you use more instances on single server or not standard config location, check:

http://www.dbasquare.com/kb/where-is-mysql-configuration-file/ http://www.dbasquare.com/2012/04/01/how-to-find-mysql-configuration-file/

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