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I'm trying to authenticate users to my ASP.Net MVC2 app throw a google apps standard edition account. I could not found examples nor documentation to achieving. I looked into DotNetOpenAuth Samples Solution, but did not found an example according my needs. All the examples were working against google accounts, but no with google apps.

I'm a little confused. For example:

  1. Do I have to place an xrds document on my site, or I can rely on google account's one (like ""?)
  2. What about the certificate. Do I have to place it in my site?
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Have you looked at the OpenIdRelyingPartyWebForms/loginGoogleApps.aspx sample?

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Andrew's example works perfectly and it is using a Discovery Service providing a UseGoogleHostedHostMeta = true to the OpenIdRelyingParty class.

HostMetaDiscoveryService GoogleAppsDiscovery = new HostMetaDiscoveryService { UseGoogleHostedHostMeta = true };
relyingParty = new OpenIdRelyingParty();
relyingParty.DiscoveryServices.Insert(0, GoogleAppsDiscovery);

I didn't find a similar behavior in MVC.

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Did you translate the webforms sample to MVC? Mind posting the code? Thanks. – Roberto Bonini Sep 23 '10 at 12:47

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