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I'm new to Mongo DB and Mongoid (and still kinda new to Ruby on Rails). Since Ryan Bates dosen't happen to have a Mongoid Railscast, I need pointers to other good tutorials/screencasts. Thanks!

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This is what you are looking for MongoDB & Mongoid - RubyJax February 2010 It's the introduction to Mongoid by his creator!

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There is now a Railscast for Mongoid: http://railscasts.com/episodes/238-mongoid

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I find it best to read over the documentation, scan the google group, then just start looking at code.

Here are a couple apps that use mongoid:

Good luck.

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the rails3-mongoid-decvise tuts are excellent! –  marflar Aug 30 '10 at 16:32

great one here about using gridFS, mongoid and carrier-wave

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Just start using it. It's pretty easy and if it's missing something that you think should be there, just add it as a support ticket on the github issue tracker. Don't forget to include why you think it should be there. (http://github.com/durran/mongoid/issues)

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