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I like the TODO bundle in textmate. When I launch it however, it searches what seems like my entire drive. Is there a way I can tell it to just search, for example, my projects folder? Or better yet, the folder of the project that is currently open?

This article, Textmate: Taming TODOs and FIXMEs, shows you how to make it ignore a folder,

I was wondering if there was a way to set a target folder for todo to scan?


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In textmate2 you can set the TM_TODO_IGNORE variable in .tm_properties, nice to set TODO exceptions on a project basis. It should be a regular expression. Example:

TM_TODO_IGNORE = '/(disabled(-src)?|onig-.*|build|cache|CxxTest|(FScript|BWToolkitFramework).framework)/'

It is also possible to set TM_TODO_IGNORE in Preferences > Variables, same regex.

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I am using the todo bundle from Stanley Rost - last modified on Jan 06, 2010 and installed thanks to the great GetBundles bundle.

If nothing is selected in the Project Panel, TODO looks in the project for; if folders or files are selected in the Project Panel then TODO looks only in they for. Note that there is a filter panel in the TODO list window too.



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