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I am using JBoss 4.2 Runtime on Eclipse Helios. As you know it uses the build file (jboss323.xml) that comes with the plugin. However I want to change the way this build file behaves for a particular project (for example: override its WAR building process, say add a filter to exclude certain files). But I don't want to edit jboss323.xml file to do this, this would surely impact build process of other projects. Whats is the best way to achieve this?

P.S. I notice a configuration section called "Ant publisher properties" for JBoss Server runtime however there is no search-able documentation on what it does or how it has to be used. Can this filed be used to override the default build file, if so how?

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Anybody had a solution ? –  Stephan Sep 18 '13 at 15:33

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