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I need some LINQ advice (or even general advice) on how to implement the following:

Basically, I have 3 entities: Projects -- EmployeeProjects -- Employees (1 to Many and Many to 1 relationship, respectively), i.e. an employee could be assigned to many Projects and a Project could have many Employees and all our housed in EmployeeProjects.

I would like to select a couple of Employees and see if they exist on a certain Project and if they do not exist on that Project, I would like to add them.

So far I'm thinking something like this (any and all advice appreciated!):

var existingEmployees = new List<string>();

foreach(var employeeProject in _project.EmployeeProjects)
    if (employeeProject.Employee != null) 
        existingEmployees .Add(employeeProject.Employee.EmployeeId);

foreach(var employee in GetSelectedEmployees())
    if (!existingEmployees.Contains(employee.EmployeeId))
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foreach( var employee in GetSelectedEmployees()

Now, If Project had an AddEmployees(IEnumerable<Employee>) method:

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Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for. –  user118190 Sep 21 '10 at 17:58

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