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I have a list control where i want to show a string (thats fine) but a colored square as well.

Imagine i have a "add player" button a text input with a color picker. I want to see the color + player name in the List. How could i do this ?

public var data:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();  

<mx:List id="eqlist" width="100%" dataProvider="{data}" />


This code will only add the text value, should i add a hbox object composed of a colored canvas + text value ?


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You have to work with List itemRenderers. Basically List item renderer (ListItemRenderer) doesn't support a different backgound color per item (backgound color can only be set on List parent).

Example (MXML version - not my favorite way but the simpliest):

Data provider initialization:

			var anObject: Object = new Object();
			anObject.label = "my player";
			anObject.backgroundColor = 0xFF0000;
			anObject.color = 0xFFFFFF;

			anObject = new Object();
			anObject.label = "my player 2";
			anObject.backgroundColor = 0x0000FF;
			anObject.color = 0xAAAAAA;

List display:

	<mx:List id="eqlist" width="100%" dataProvider="{aData}" >
				<mx:Canvas backgroundColor="{data.backgroundColor}"
					<mx:Label text="{data.label}">

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