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I'm using the jQuery validate plugin, and would like to return a random value on success.

Right now I'm trying to use:

     var success_message = new Array ();
     success_message[0] = "Good!";
     success_message[1] = "Ok!";
     success_message[2] = "Great!";
     success_message[3] = "Perfect!";
     success_message[4] = "Nice!";
     success_message[5] = "Awesome"; 
     var i = Math.floor(5*Math.random())

Then where I need to output the value I use:

     var validator = $(".contactform").validate({
        success: function(label) {
     }); //end form validate code

This selects a random value but uses the same value for each success message instead of selecting a different one for each field.

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@Brandon - You should refrain from drastically changing the question once it's asked. The answers will now make much less sense to anyone finding this later since the question no longer matches the answers. – Nick Craver Aug 5 '10 at 23:41
You're right I thought about that after I edited it. At the time I edited it it had no answers. – BandonRandon Aug 6 '10 at 0:05
This has nothing to do with jQuery validation. – Lightness Races in Orbit Dec 8 '11 at 12:40
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You can store the messages array and calculate the message to show as you go, like this:

var messages = ["Good!", "Great!", "Awesome!", "Super!", "Nice!"];
function getMessage() {
   return messages[Math.floor(Math.random() * messages.length)];

Give it a try here, then just call getMessage in your .text() call, like this:

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This almost works but returns the same message for each field element. – BandonRandon Aug 5 '10 at 23:45
@BandonRandon - I was under the impression you had just one, just a moment :) – Nick Craver Aug 5 '10 at 23:47
@BandonRandon - Updated to be random per-element, I would suggest that you may want to go a step further and remove the used message as well, so it can't be repeated. – Nick Craver Aug 5 '10 at 23:49
Sorry, I should had made that clear there is one for each form element. – BandonRandon Aug 5 '10 at 23:49
Great that works! Thank you, A few more questions, If I did want to make it not repeat how would I do that? Also because it's initializing on keyup It's regenerating with each keypress or mouse click. Can I use stop() or something to stop that? – BandonRandon Aug 5 '10 at 23:57
function sucess() {
 message = ["Good!","Awesome!","Super!","Nice!","Great!"];
 return message[Math.floor(Math.random() * message.length)];

     var validator = $(".contactform").validate({ ...
              success: function(label) {
      }); //end form validate code
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We can add Method to Array.

Array.prototype.getRandomVal = function(){
    return this[Math.floor(Math.random()*this.length)];

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