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I need to build a terminal-like application that needs to be used under my usual Ubuntu install but also under Windows. I've been looking for a terminal component that accepts commands and is able to show some kind of command history together with output.

There is a component called VTE that is used in gnome-terminal, but I have not been able to compile it under Windows because it depends on some Unix-specific functions (as it seems). Do you know of any other terminal-like GTK components that can be built under Windows or some way to build VTE?

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Maybe you want to look at the old GNOME widget called zvt, it might have been ported to Win32.

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Gnuplot wxt provides a terminal which is compiled with GTK on X and uses the win32 API on windows. It uses the WxWindows interface to compile into both environments.

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No there still isn't, even years later.

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By the way... I've started doing it at the time I wrote this question and actually got something working. I can try to respawn the code if anyone is interested. – Thiago Arrais Apr 10 '12 at 16:32
@ThiagoArrais I am incredibly interested, would you be open to posting that code on Github per chance? – ThorSummoner Dec 9 '14 at 8:25

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