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I have a soap response which is RPC style, so it has 'multiref's. The response was passed to me as a String. Can I use StAX parser to parse it? Can StaX resolve mutirefs automatically?



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Unfortunately not, multi-refs are a feature of the SOAP encoding model, and not a feature of xml itself. You'll have to decode the multi-refs yourself either after you've finished xml parsing (easier but requires you to save a lot of state), or as you go (which can be more efficient, but still require a lot of state, and a lot of work). Unless you're dealing with large documents you may just be better giving up on streaming parse and use a DOM style parer. then at least you can fairly easily xpath through the doc to resolve the references. The other option of course, it to find a soap toolkit that can parse it for you.

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Thanks for answering my question superfell. I end up writing a class to resolve the multiRefs so the input to StAx parser is 'plain'xml. I could've used DOM style parser, but in my situation is we've alreday writen StAx parsing and anticipating document style soap response, but end up getting RPC style! –  sarahTheButterFly Aug 25 '10 at 5:32

For others who might be interested, there's a simple implementation at http://www.coderanch.com/t/450580/Web-Services/java/Parsing-SOAP-Envelope

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