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Overview of app

My RVC has an object of custom type 'Entry' that has various values (AssetURL, Notes for item). I pass an instance of this to two viewControllers in order to add information about the Entry into this instance for saving. I do this successfully, but am unsure about how I should be creating / destroying my objects. If I try to use the myEntry object a second time around I get a bad access error. I assume this is something simple I have overlooked in my self-taughtedness.

RootViewController myEntry;

  • RootViewController

    • Click + (Add) button
    • Create instance of AssetPickerController
    • Set instance entry to that of my RVC Entry so as to set values of the RVC Entry in the AssetPickerController (AssetPickerController.assetEntry = myEntry;)
    • Load AssetPickerController
  • AssetPickerController

    • Select asset from generated table of assets
    • update assetEntry.URL (this flows back to the RVC myEntry instance)
      • RootViewController - didPickURlNotification
      • Load AssetDetailsController
      • AssetDetailsController.assetDetailsEntry = myEntry (to get values passed back to RVC)
  • AssetDetailsController

    • Enter some notes in a field, save the to entry (this flows back to the RVC)
    • Push save Button
    • RootViewController - didCreateEntryNotification
    • Save and write to Data model to store Entry

This all works - once! As soon as I try and reset any variables to perform the operation again I get bad access errors!

Can someone please point out the n00b mistake I'm clearly making!? I hope my pseudo code is enough for you to assist.

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On which line does your crash happen? You will have to show some code. – Shaggy Frog Aug 6 '10 at 3:54
please disregard this, I solved my issue. – Lance Aug 6 '10 at 4:35

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