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Nothing I have tried seems to have any impact at all on this error. The code is working on both a Mac Pro dev maching as well as our Ubunto 9.10 server. Dev work is using Mongrel not Passenger.

I am fully and completely stumped. Willing to try anything.

I followed this: to the letter.

I tried installing both 32 and 64 bit versions (on XP 64).

Updated config with:

require "paperclip" Paperclip.options[:command_path] = 'C:\ImageMagick\ImageMagick-6.6.3-Q16' Paperclip.options[:swallow_stderr] = false

System is: XP 64 bit service pack 2 Rails 2.3.8 paperclip 2.3.3 aws-s3 0.6.2

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There is some goofy stuff going on in the paperclip.rb file. It adds single quotes around command line arguments. If I can recall, I believe its on line 133 and the line looks like this:

... '#{m}' ...

Just remove the single quotes.

If that doesn't help there was also an issue with there being spaces in the ImageMagick path. It didn't like C:\Program Files..., so I had to change it to C:\Progra~1...

That seemed to do the trick for me. That will at least get the identify executable running. I am currently having issues with running convert and am completely confused. :)

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There is an issue with the last couple of releases of paperclip when running on Windows. I rollback to a version where it worked but there is a fix that someone has since mentioned. See my comment here + the other fix below:

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One thing I just found out as well on windows this command "150x150>" makes problems if you go for Brandon's version as '>' is used for piping on windows boxes. Maybe use something like "150x150#" instead.

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