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I have a problem with my android emulator. it does not shows network bars when i run it, instead it shows a cross over there.

The problem existed from the day i installed emulator.

Any suggestions will be welcomed.


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Try creating avd once more and then play your application on new avd. The problem shud get resolved then.

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Thanks for reply, I did it, but no success. Also APN settings are also not visible, it gives blank black screen. –  viv Aug 6 '10 at 6:55

Sometimes internet disconnection makes the emulator network connection also disconnect, close the emulator Clean Build and try launch emulator again. hope this will solve the issue.

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Actually i discovered lots of reasons for this problem........ The scenario that you told is one of them.............. I agree.............. Thanks for answering............. –  viv May 2 '11 at 3:47

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