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I have a table of radio buttons that have an ID value that contains an item number

<input type="radio" id="rb169">
<input type="radio" id="rb170">
<input type="radio" id="rb171">

How can I use jQuery to iterate through all the radio buttons that start with "rb" to determine which # number was selected?

I have something like:

return_type = $("input:radio["@name=rb*"]:checked").val();
if (return_type == undefined) {
    alert("you did not select a radio button");

but this doesn't work the way I selected. Is this right?

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$('input:radio[name^=rb]:checked').val() should do it. You don't need the @ anymore, nor the extra quotes.

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return_type = $("input:radio["@name^=rb"]:checked").val();

That should work. Starts with is ^=

EDIT: I noticed that your code is wrong in other places as well. I was too narrow in what I was looking at. Here is an update:

return_type = $("input:radio[name^='rb']:checked").val();
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