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I recently ran up against a wall doing some bash shell programming where an associative array would have solved my problems. I googled about features of the KornShell (ksh) and learned that it supports associative arrays, so I installed Cygwin's pdksh (Public Domain KornShell).

However, when trying to create an associative array in the prescribed manner (typeset -A varName), I received the following errors, so I'm beginning to suspect pdksh does not support associative arrays.

./find_actions.ksh: line 2: typeset: -A: invalid option
typeset: usage: typeset [-afFirtx] [-p] name[=value] ...

Guess I will be considering Perl instead, but I really wanted a good excuse to learn a dialect/language new to me.

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Take a look at ksh93, it supports associative arrays and is a much more complete/correct implementation of ksh.

See: kornshell.com

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Doesn't seem to be available in cygwin; pdksh is the only ksh-like shell. –  Alastair Dec 4 '08 at 21:51
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pdksh doesn't have any support for associative arrays; it’s a planned and definite feature of its successor, mksh (as soon as I get around to actually implementing it, that is… sorry for being slow with that).

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Why not just use bash? It might not have explicit associative arrays, but you can fake them.

Alternatively, zsh has excellent associative array support.

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bash version 4 has associative arrays. –  glenn jackman Jul 11 '11 at 14:24
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