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How do I make this SimpleModal script to load when the page loaded instead of clicking the button? Thank You =)

< div id='basic-modal' >

<a href='#' class='basic'>Demo</a>

Basic Modal Dialog

For this demo, SimpleModal is using this "hidden" data for its content. You can also populate the modal dialog with standard HTML or with DOM element(s).


$('#basicModalContent').modal(); // jQuery object; this demo

$.modal(document.getElementById('basicModalContent')); // DOM

$.modal('<p><b>HTML</b> elements</p>'); // HTML


    <!-- preload the images -->
    <div style='display:none'>
        <img src='img/basic/x.png' alt='' />
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jQuery offers the .ready() handler which fires when the browser DOM content was loaded.

    // code which executes on dom ready

short cut for this


There are several other ways/handlers. You could also deal with the window onload event, which fires if all content is loaded completly (images, iframes, etc.)

window.onload = function(){
     alert('onload! yay!');


    alert('onload! yay!');
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Just put your code on load event of the window like this:

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