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I am writing an application that uses Zxing datamatrix decoder. It is ok for QR but not for datamatrix. It only decodes it if it is code-generated, absolutely clean. But if it is a captured-by-camera image it does not work well.

Can anyone give me an alternative to this library (for J2me), plz?

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Nowadays, Zxing has improved and I am very glad about the results. Zxing is great!! –  netadictos Jun 27 '11 at 11:44

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I did some research on the subject and it's very difficult to find libraries that decode Datamatrix.

Maybe you'll find this library interesting : libdmtx, it is written in C but you have a Java wrapper (informations on the libdmtx wiki).

I know that is not J2ME like you want but maybe you can find a way to create a J2ME wrapper with that or the Java wrapper could work with a J2ME project.

Hope this helps !

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You cannot use the JNI with J2ME, which means you cannot load libraries written in other languages. The wrapper in Java is based on this. Thx. –  netadictos Aug 23 '10 at 7:04

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